AS9110 Customized Training

AS9110 Training Customized for your Company!

Unlimited Use – You would have complete freedom to use it (within your business) an infinite amount of times – economical for the long term.

Better Record Keeping – In addition to printing a certificate of completion, Each student’s results can be automatically sent to a record keeping database via email, HTML or automatic LMS Integration. This saves you time and money by automating this process.

Custom Look & Feel: We can customize the training to add your Quality Policy to give a consistent message to the students and embed your logo (instead of ours) to the slides and certificate.  See examples here.

Several file formats: EXE File, HTML Code, or LMS Integration

We can also tailor the course to meet your organization’s policies:

  • What % is needed to pass each quiz – our default is 70%
  • What happens if they pass/fail
    • The student continues on
    • They are sent to the beginning of the section
    • etc.
  • What results you show (correct/incorrect questions/answers, etc.)
  • Custom content
  • and more

Custom training is available in several formats:

Executable File: Put training on a Server or on Individual PC’s

  • Executable course files are compatible with the Windows operating system. (This can include an Apple or Linux computer with a Windows emulation system.)
    • These files can be downloaded to individual PC’s like a MS Word file so many can access it at the same time.  You can also email it to others.
  • Executable course files are scanned for computer viruses before releasing them to a customer.
  • It is self-contained and does not need to access other files (or the internet) when hosted on your network. (IT departments like that)
  • Many Executable courses support completion certificates that can be printed by each student. The printing function is totally controlled by the computer operating system including; orientation, sizing to page, color/B&W, and so forth. By default, we provide a certificate size of 1009×662 pixels, which matches the course size and is easy to print. (An oversize version of 1200×900 is also available, however, sizing the print window and setting the printer may be difficult for some users.)
  • Unlike web-based learning management systems, executable courses by default are not provided with completion feedback or notifications features. Feedback/notification features can be added to the course, such as email or database systems, but may require your organization’s IT support to set up.

HTML Code: Put training on your Organization’s Intranet

This is similar to our demo but runs faster on your own intranet. (View Demo of AS9110)

  • We would provide the code for your IT Department to post on your intranet.
  • It can send results to a file/table on your server. (Training Database)
  • Your IT group would need to create a small CGI script if you want the student results/records automatically sent to a database file/folder/etc.

LMS: Integrate training with your Learning Management System

Companies often use an LMS to manage all their training (safety, policies, etc.)

Training can seamlessly integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) and is compliant with the following international standards:

  • SCORM – The Shareable Content Object Reference Model
    • Lectora has been tested and conforms to the latest SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 specifications.
  • AICC – The Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee
    • Training is an AICC certified Authoring System which has been tested by AICC independent test labs to comply with AICC guidelines and recommendations.
  • LRN – The Learning Resource iNterchange
    • Training publishes to the LRN standard.
  • Accessibility Standards
    • Content created is 508 compliant.

Product Details

Product Type: Custom

Customized AS9110 Training

We can provide customized online employee training if it is a large enough group (>25 people). The training will have your company’s logo, and custom content is available too. We can publish the training in the following formats:

  • EXE file to place on a file server
  • HTML to post on your company’s network
  • HTML for your company’s Learning Management System (LMS)

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